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This Yud Aleph Nissan, join something big.



Choose a goal

Customize your community’s campaign page with the number of mitzvahs you plan to achieve. How many will you do?


Recruit leaders

It’s just like a fundraising campaign, with teams that help you make sure no Jew is left behind.



Launch your campaign with the marketing materials provided, then watch the mitzvahs start rolling in.

Sign Up


The new OneMitzvah platform gives you everything you need to launch a mitzvah campaign customized for your community. It’s easy. It’s meaningful. It’s impactful. Because every one of your balabatim can do just one mitzvah.


The campaign works like a fundraising campaign. You choose a goal for your community and  empower community members as team leaders who will help you boost the campaign by sharing it with their networks. Of course, instead of raising money, we’re amassing mitzvahs. 


Every package includes everything you need to launch—like easy-to-use marketing materials and your own campaign page with customized, professional designs.


All it takes is for each person to pledge OneMitzvah. Together, we’ll join with hundreds of communities around the world to bring the Rebbe nachas and joy—ultimately bringing the entire vision of the Rebbe to reality with the coming of Moshiach.

To sign up visit
Scroll down to communities and hit: "Create a community"


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