Become an Ambassador

Become an ambassador

Join a society that celebrates the impact and power of an individual! If you believe that the experience of a Mitzvah is too great not to share, that the joy of Judaism exists well beyond the 

Synagogue and Rabbi, and that the power of connection and community can not be contained, we invite you to become an Mitzvah Ambassador. Share a Mitzvah, make a difference, and watch your impact grow!

Become an


Join Mitzvah Society and become an Ambassador sharing the beauty and joy of a Mitzvah with those around you.

Receive a personal welcome call

A follow up call with Mitzvah Society further explaining our vision and how you can partner with us.

Attend a leadership seminar

Join together with Ambassadors from around the world for a training seminar, drawing inspiration and insight from Jewish leaders past and present.

Partner with us in our monthly Mitzvah Experience

Share the Mitzvah Experience with friends, family and colleagues and watch its impact grow

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