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Join as a Community

An integral part of community growth is to reach every single Jew in your demographic and area. The Mitzvah Society allows you to expand your community’s reach exponentially. Empower your community to become Mitzvah Ambassadors, and share the Mitzvos they celebrate with friends, family, and colleagues! This initiative will transform your community from congregants to ambassadors, from laymen to leaders, and reshape the complexion of your growth!


Sign up as a

Join Mitzvah Society and encourage members of your community to become Ambassadors.


Nominate two Ambassadors as Mitzvah Society Coordinators

Create a committee with two Ambassadors to help coordinate Mitzvah Society Experiences


Launch our monthly Mitzvah Experience

Give a class empowering and inspiring the Ambassadors of your community to spread the joy and beauty of a MItzvah.


Gain access to our resource Lounge

Use our lounge to access inspirational material, innovative tools, and marketing resources.

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