Our projects

Our Projects

Our program gives you the tools to learn about a Mitzvah, and the inspiration to share it with others. We provide an easy DIY kit, with the basic ingredients to experience a Mitzvah, with relevant and contemporary commentary. We have created an attractive and illuminating guide that is included with every Mitzvah Experience. Every experience includes instructions and visual aid in an attractive and compact package

High Holidays Experience

Share the inspiration and joy of the High Holidays and give back to your community.

Menorah - Ambassadors of Light

Share a message of light and hope, and gift a Menorah to a friend. 

Shabbat Experience

Share the oasis in time that Shabbat is, with a DIY kit, discussion cards, and instructional and inspirational commentary.

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Chanukah Experience: Party Edition

Everything you need to celebrate the Holiday of Light with your family and friends.

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Mezuzah - Project Protect 

Share the Mizvah of Mezuzah with others with an easy install kit along with a short card explaining the power of a Mezuzah. Click Here

Seder Experience

Share the Seder experience with inspirational and insightful commentary, instructional cards, and a DIY kit bespoke for the Seder.

Coming this March 

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