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The global impact that each one of us can have has never been more apparent. Every action has a reaction, and every interaction has a ripple effect. With Mitzvah Society of North Irvine, make your actions matter. Every Mitzvah we do brings out the beauty in the world, and every Mitzvah shared helps this beauty blossom.

Our Mission:

We are a community that believes that there is no place where a Mitzvah doesn't belong. Judaisim doesn’t just live in the synagogue, or with the Rabbi, it lives in our hearts and in our homes; in relationships and connections  and our network of social interactions. With Mitzvah Society, we help you bring the experience of a MItzvah to your community and friends - empowering you to share a Mitzvah with others, in a contemporary, relevant, and revolutionary way.


Our Message:

A Mitzvah is literally defined as a commandment, loosely defined as a good deed, and denotes  umbrella guidance for how to act as a Jew. The Kabbalah of Mitzvah means connection. A point of engagement, a moment, that we have with the divine. Share this moment with those around you, and invite them to bond with the Divine, their soul, and the community around them - through the Mitzvah of their choice.

Our Vision:

The ultimate Jewish engagement and empowerment isn't about how many people we reach but how well we teach them to reach. Our barometer for a Mitzvah’s success is if we’re engaged enough to share and if we’re empowered enough to lead. We are a society in which the sharing of Mitzvah knows no bounds. We view every interaction as an opportunity, every person as an ambassador, and every moment as a Mitzvah -  waiting to be celebrated.

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Mr Mitch Feldman

‘’Our little ‘shtetl’ was able to impact on a global basis...its really amazing what just a simple ask can do and how far that reach can go’’

Email - Rabbi@chabadni.com
Phone - 714-86-TORAH