Share shabbat

Shabbat Experience Kit 

Shabbat Experience Kits


  • Shabbat cards with clear instructions and insightful commentary

  • Games and activities engaging for all ages

  • Discover Shabbat booklet

  • Kiddush cup & grape juice

  • Challah cover

  • Shabbat candles

  • Option to add Challah

 Social Media  

Customizable social media templates to promote share shabbat campaign

 JLI Class 

Launch Sahre shabbat campaign with a custom JLI class learning about the meaning and importance of shabbat .

Havdalah Kit

Details to follow

Shabbat it Forward

Shabbat It Forward:

Give the gift of Shabbat and share the meaning, spirit and energy of this holy day with coworker family or friend .

Challah Bake 

resources to make a challah bake with your community